Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When I tell Vinny I am a librarian, he assumes I'm playing let's pretend.

Maybe I am just pretending to be a librarian.  It feels like that these days.  People post on Facebook, something inspires me, and >>whoot!<< I have imaginary patrons to cater to.  Bea and Vinny are my awesome patrons, too.  I find them stuff to do, research parenting, listen to their play and think about bringing them into a better future.  It's the bringing them into a better future part that is the tall order.  It's also the reason I wanted to be a librarian in the first place.

There are so many incredible ideas out there right now.  The world is ripe for change. I think people are ready to do the work needed to make things better for everyone.  Or at least some people think it is.  Maybe we are living in a time when things can change.  Maybe I am dreaming of an unattainable utopia again.  I've had a habit of doing that for a while now.  There is so much work to be done.  Look, here is a site that lists movie titles to encourage awareness of important social, environmental, and media related issues.  900 movies are available to stream, and many others might just be available at your local library.  http://www.filmsforaction.org

There are so many people out there like me: young, educated, unemployed or underemployed, perhaps parents, perhaps not, maybe single, maybe gay, maybe married, and we value the future.  Our other values may conflict, but we are connected through social networking online, and we are talking about what we experience.  This is powerful.  There is discussion to sort things out.  These are the essential roots of change, and I believe it is reasonable to have hope as I press on in exploring the depressing, frightening truth of this hellish world in which we live.  We must not deny our fear.  It must be faced to be overcome.

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