Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thinking about exercise is easier than exercising

I was always taught that it is important to eat healthy and exercise.  Dad and Vanessa instilled a deep love of nature by traveling the world on horseback.  Horseback riding and caring for horses is a very enjoyable way to stay in shape, however is beyond my financial means at this time.  One day I hope to return to my favorite sport that exists, endurance riding.  This sport changed my life when I was in high school, and I received a nice scholarship from St. Lawrence University for an essay about what I learned from the sport.  Not familiar with it?  Here is a basic primer:

My mama also promoted exercise when I was a kid by planning outdoors activities like camping, hiking, mountain climbing, cross country skiing, canoeing, canoe camping, ice skating, and working out at the Y as a family.  These activities created many interesting memories.  I think my kids are still young for all that, but I plan to share these things with them when they are old enough.

At the present time, I would like to improve my life by making exercise a priority, and also passing that value along to my children. I have always been interested in Yoga, so I created a list of yoga DVDs that I think look cool for families.  I also have heard some things about hula hooping as a great way to build core strength.  My core...  needs work....  So here is the list.  I've ***marked the DVDs I think look especially cool.

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