Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop local this Christmas!

Thanksgiving this year was, for me, the most sincere version of the holiday that has blessed my life.  Beginning in early November, I noticed some Facebook friends posting "30 Days of Thanks," where each day they would mention something they were thankful about.  I took this idea and made my own "attitude of gratitude" by discussing the concept of being thankful with my children and posting the results of some of these discussions on my favorite social networking site. When we discussed thankfulness at the table, I was proud of my two year old son who said he was thankful for his life. We all agreed that we are thankful for our own lives, and for the lives of each other.

In addition to the numerous things I listed on my Facebook this past month, I am thankful for knowledge and critical thinking.  In honor of that I am celebrating Buy Nothing Day today rather than Black Friday.  Furthermore, I am creating a list of small businesses here in Rochester that are ready and able to offer us a great variety of goods and services to gift this Christmas.  Please let me know of any places you think I should add to this list, and I will continue to update this post.

Zak's Avenue
MAG Store
RMSC Gift Shop
Craft Company No. 6
George Eastman House Shop
Comics Etc.
Bop Shop 
Needle Drop Records
Record Archive
National Museum of Play Gift Shop
The Library Store 
Beers of the World

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