Monday, September 13, 2010

Start where you are

I am officially the proud owner of a shiny new MLS enhanced with NYS teaching certification.  I have limited library experience, and a small bit of teaching experience.  Give me a chance, and I will give you my all!  My name’s Libby, nice to meet you.   

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey into 21st Century librarianship.  (Star Wars theme plays faintly in the background.) 
 Growing up isn’t always easy! 
I’ve been contemplating how to focus this blog and who to gear it towards.  What am I an expert in?  (nothing) Striving to become a school library media specialist and balancing my professional growth with the needs of my young family.  (I am Mommy of a 6 week old and 22 month old.)  I am very dedicated to both my family and my profession, and an online journal of my professional growth may be interesting to others like me.  This blog is geared toward baby teachers and baby librarians like me. 

  • Reflections on prior professional learning opportunities I have been presented with including honest admissions of my weaknesses and knowledge gaps.  I would like to use this opportunity to analyze myself and thus strive for growth.  It's scary to do this online...  as anyone can read my posts.  However I masochistically feel compelled to share my personal opportunities for growth and I don't know why.  Maybe one of my readers can learn from my errors and be better for it?  Maybe I can spark discussion that will encourage me to become the best librarian in the whole entire world!
  • Anecdotes
  • Resources I stumble upon that I find indispensable or that have been highly recommended by my colleagues.
 Please enjoy!

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  1. I'll read it.

    I have a few blogs. I'm sure I will eventually have a library blog.