Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Masochistic blogging? Am I an idiot, or what?!

Ok...  So a friend asked me "What is a professional blog?" And I didn't really have a very good answer considering I just announced in a previous post that I would be writing about the challenges and difficulties I experience on my road to becoming a professional.   I was, like, thinking that I would just write about all my professional troubles on here and then maybe it would be a good way to humiliate myself into avoiding professional blunders?  Does that make this a professional blog, or an anti-professional blog seeing as how I'm not exactly adopting a professional persona in my blogging in discussing my weaknesses...

STOP THE BLOG I WANT TO GET OFF!!! (already?)  I knew this might not be that great of an idea.   

OK, well here you go, my first public professional blunder, ladies and gentlemen:  This blog post explaining my blunder in the actual creation of this blog.  It's like writing poetry about writing poetry, all over again! (I did that, and it sucked.)  Yet I somehow feel compelled to continue onward, especially after I brainstormed a list of topics I wanted to write about. 

I now grant myself official permission to re-frame my concept here.  I am not writing about how I seriously suck as a baby librarian.  I am writing about common professional challenges that my audience may face.  These are important professional matters that merit attention and discussion.  For example:  I have noted that many librarians take the time to keep a blog about matters of significance to their professional work.  That's what this blog is about, so I'm not just exposing myself as being an idiot.  (I hope.)

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  1. Actually, I get it.

    Right now I am doing a practicum with someone who will be retiring soon. I've imagined the interview process.
    Question: "Can you fill this librarian's shoes?"
    Me: "Well...not yet...but I will grow into them!"

    BTW: I'd love to see that new baby..and you...and your older baby sometime!