Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Comes After by Steve Watkins

What Comes After is the story of a young lady who's life takes her down a sad, tragic road.  Forced to live with an abusive aunt and cousin, she was transplanted far from the home she's always known while her best friendship dissapated and her support network is removed.  The best thing she has going for her is a herd of goats whom her aunt compels her to care for, milk twice daily, and make cheese to sell.  As her situation continues to deteriorate Iris must find her way out tragedy into a better life, while maintaining loyalty to those who have been there for her in her times of need. 

This story was heart wrenching, and the details of the plot stayed vivid in my memory.  It was easy to feel the paralysis the abuse and its aftermath explained very realistically within the story.  Iris, the main character is easy to love even as she makes less than ideal choices and decides loyalties.  Her strength is beyond admirable.  It would be interesting to hold a book discussion about key decisions Iris makes that includes teens, social workers, and abuse survivors.

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