Thursday, June 7, 2012


Books I enjoyed include:
Patrick, Cat. Forgotten.
McBride, James.  The Color of Water.
Pena, Matt de la.  I Will Save You.
Debeurme, Ludovic.  Lucille.


 Lessons learned:

Don't talk to others about my personal life at work.  Remember to focus on my own tasks.  Understand the most important aspects of public library work and focus on upholding those ideals.

It is important not to step on other people's toes when trying to carve my own niche.  My enthusiasm to encourage high standards and excellent service can easily be misinterpreted as threatening to my peers also striving to carve niches.  I have been warned that if I step on the wrong toes I might suffer consequences that I may not have anticipated.  At the same time I have administration offering to meet with me and collect my observations regarding branches or branch staff whenever I am interested in doing so.  I am not interested in stepping on other people to claw my way into a position.  I would rather be offered work based on my merits, interests and needs.  Now is not an appropriate time for my unsolicited critiques. 

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