Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Resources for potty training!

Hi there.  I wanted to mention some resources that have been useful in my daughter's quest to learn the art and science of using the toilet.  I began this quest for information as my daughter's peers all seem to be further into their toilet training then we are, and I was very unsure of where to begin.  We have been having difficulty, mostly due to my husband's and my ignorance regarding how to approach the matter.  I took Bea to the East Rochester public library and borrowed some really great materials. These four resources, all available at the East Rochester Public Library, have kick started potty training into full gear.  Go, go, my little Beatrice!! Search term: toilet training.

Sesame Street.  Elmo's Potty Time, (dvd). 45 min.
The attitude exemplified within this video allowed my husband and I to learn the best manner in which to approach potty training.  The first time Bea watched it, she cried.  The second time, she was hooked on the potty.  For the last four days she spends nearly 7 hours per day on the potty because she wants to be sure she's ready in case something needs to come out.  She asks me to sing the songs from this movie when she's feeling discouraged.  It really helps her feel supported and loved through this major life change.  This movie is a potty training staple. 

Cole, Joanna.  My Big Girl Potty.  Harper Collins, 2000.
This book allows young ladies to relate to the main character who is also facing the challenge of learning to use the potty.  It is especially useful because it communicates that one must sit on the potty frequently when first learning.  It offers the child a healthy perspective on accidents.  The illustrations visually communicate the range of emotions felt by the girl learning and also her family.  There is a note to parents that offers tips to support a child learning to use the toilet.

Amant, Kathleen.  On Your Potty, Little Rabbit. Clavis, 2008.
This is a book that I have read about three zillion times in a row while my little one is sitting on the pot, waiting to see if something will come out.  And nothing comes out.  This book is about a little girl who puts her toy bunny on the potty, but nothing is happening for that poor rabbit.  The little girl shows the toy, step by step how to use the toilet.  The illustrations are simplified and bright, yet with enough detail to maintain a sense of realism.  This reflects the simplicity of the concepts being communicated.  Bea seems to find this book inspiring while she sits for hours on end.  I like how the pages are a stiff cardboard that is thinner than a traditional board book, yet sturdy enough to withstand a semi-rough toddler exploring the book independently.  It helps the child to feel more grown up, I think.

Vestergaard, Hope.  Potty Animals: What to Know When You've Gotta Go! Sterling, 2010.
This book is a bit more advanced than the typical potty training book as it addresses more advanced skills and the characters are attending pre-school.  Often times children enjoy emulating others who are just a little bit older and more experienced then themselves.  My daughter studied this book while sitting and asks plenty of questions about the potty mistakes the animal characters made.  When she internalizes all the lessons contained in this book she will become a potty expert!  She will probably have better bathroom manners than some adults I know...

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