Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The large school district where I aimed to work as a school librarian after graduation has a massively huge deficit and is laying off faculty such as librarians.  This great city, with a rich history of social activism, is considering closing the door of two public libraries forever.   My personal finances are also about as awesome as that right now, but I can't shut down my kitchen or politely ask my children to stop growing so here I am. 

Hi my name is Libby and I think I would be a really awesome youth services librarian because I care a lot about helping people find information, teaching them to use it effectively, and also the future of libraries, books and reading.  My interests include education, picture books, graphic novels, manga, urban fiction, sci-fi, yoga, hiking, politics, science, math, cooking, and more but this is just what came to mind right now. I'd like to learn more about gaming in libraries, jazz music, stuff I already know about, and my little ponies (with my daughter).  Professionally I am passionate about the future of libraries, but I need to grow in my ability to advocate for both libraries and myself.  I think web 2.0 is fun, but I gotta say it's no replacement for spending real time with people.  I sometimes wonder if web 3.0 might actually replace people's brains and then they'll be walking around with an iphone for a head.  Wanna talk?  Insert txt here. 

Libraries must be visually appealing, technology rich environments that draw people in to come and relax or collaborate with others.  I see libraries as the place where people stop on a daily or weekly basis to sit at a table with a laptop, or maybe look at magazines that are too expensive too buy, but definitely worth reading (for me it might be Living Without or AdBusters), or ask for help finding a really great recipe that includes the two ripe avocados in my refrigerator and staples I keep on hand at all times.  Who knew a librarian could find a recipe that delicious that quickly?  Meanwhile the tiny people that occupy my house are listening to an amazing story and making friends with other kids.  And there are comfy chairs.

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