Thursday, July 26, 2012

Benefits of mistakenly leaving your homework in the library

I was tidying up and found some forgotten chemistry papers on a table at Teen Central today.  I asked Mr. Jay, our Safe To Be Smart guy, if he knew the name and he did not.  The young man happened to be present and heard his name, so he identified himself and asked why I was talking about him.  I returned his chemistry papers, commenting on his good grades.  I asked the young man his age and if he works.  He is 18 and is unemployed.  I told him with an understanding of Chemistry like he exhibited in these assignments; he could probably find a job in manufacturing and start a career.  My advice for pursuing the manufacturing industry is based on this article I recently read in the D & C regarding job outlook for the manufacturing industry.  It saddens me to know that young people believe that they will be unable to find work and therefore do not put a strong effort forward to pursue employment.  They need to know that there are more options available to them than Tim Horton’s, Dunkin Donuts, or other fast food chains.  I encouraged him to go up to the Business Division and ask for advice on how to apply for manufacturing jobs.  He did not ask me for more time on the computer, and he is gone from Teen Central for the day, so I can only home and assume that he took my advice.  I hope so.  He should be proud of grades like those in chemistry.  I told him if those were my assignments I would have hung them up on the refrigerator. 

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