Saturday, March 24, 2012

Put me in a library.

So I have some ideas about how to make teen services better for the Rochester Public Library branches.  I'm not an experienced librarian, but I'm working on growing as best I can.  My colleagues comment on my commitment to customer service, my passion and enthusiasm, and my personality.  I need more experience, mostly.  There's only one way to get that - by getting hired.  They seem to like me around here, but budgetary constraints seem to be the biggest barrier to employment.  I drafted a plan about what I'd like to do to make things better. It's about five pages long and justifies staff funding for teens and suggests a three fold solution.  I haven't done anything with these recorded thoughts other than show them to a few people.  I worry if I'm doing the right thing.

Some people say it's a bad idea to create waves as a young inexperienced employee.  I do not want to hurt anyone or cause political damage.  I'm not in it for power or for selfish reasons.  I just want a job where I can work hard to achieve quality results.  I'm afraid to turn in my proposal and justification.  I just think that if they actually put me in the position where it is my responsibility to fulfill these ideas I might not be able to live up to what I set out to do.  I need more experience first.  Put me in a library.  Introduce me to a community.

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